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Discover Africa with me...

I love living in Cape Town and enjoy exploring. Come let me show you this absolute beautiful piece of land, full of contrast and diversity. Let me share my insights and impressions of places in Africa that captivated me which are worth visiting.

4 October 2022

Mozambiqan Cashewnut Cake

A popular traditional dessert served in Mozambique for special occasions, was named after a suburb of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. This cake is not only easy to make, but also delicious.
3 August 2022

Bobotie – South African casserole

Probably the oldest dish in South Africa. The recipe appeared in the year 1609 in a Dutch cookbook which originates from Indonesia.
26 April 2023

Agulhas Ocean House – at the end of Africa

This boutique hotel charmed me so much that after one night, I decided to come back and spent long two weeks in a small town at the end of Africa...
26 April 2023

Gondwana Game Lodge – watch out for elephants :)

Several times I heard extremely positive opinions from various people about the lodge, located in the south of South Africa. Each time I thought to myself that I had to find out for myself if this place really has so much to offer...
2 August 2021

West Coast National Park

There is a place near Cape Town that stole my heart at first sight and I always like to come back to it. The West Coast National Park is 120 km away from the city ...
21 March 2021

Cape Agulhas – at the end of Africa

I assumed that Cape Agulhas is just a stop. I came for one night, but I liked it so much that I came back for longer, for more adventures and impressions ...
22 September 2020

Kirstenbosh – the fairy tale garden

Kirstenbosh is simply the most beautiful garden in Africa, for me! It’s something out of a fairy tale book with its rolling hills and beautifully manicured gardens....
3 March 2021

South Africa – my second home

Roland Peeters - art painter and extraordinary character. He's even more in love with South Africa than I am. He comes back to Cape Town every year. I asked him what it's special about these country and why he calls this place his second home...
13 November 2020

Yogini in Africa

There are no coincidences in life. I found out about it when, I met Kasia, a young vibrant yoga instructor. Meet Kasia and read her story...
23 September 2021

Adopt a penguin

The penguins at the SANCCOB rehabilitation centre are either permanent or temporary residents, the adoption process is simple and easy to adopt one of these incredible birds or an egg...
25 August 2021

Pigcasso – a piggy painter

"Life is a blank canvas and you have to throw all the paint you can on it." Danny Kaye. Meet Pigcasso, an amazing pig who paints pictures in the trend of abstract expressionism!
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