I have been fortunate to meet inspiring people on my travels, to whom I owe it to continue to develop myself. Sometimes it is a single meeting, sentence or conversation that changes everything and gives me a different perspective on life. You too will be inspired by the local people who share their favourite places that are worth seeing and that are important to them.

3 March 2021

South Africa – my second home

Roland Peeters - art painter and extraordinary character. He's even more in love with South Africa than I am. He comes back to Cape Town every year. I asked him what it's special about these country and why he calls this place his second home...
13 November 2020

Yogini in Africa

There are no coincidences in life. I found out about it when, I met Kasia, a young vibrant yoga instructor. Meet Kasia and read her story...
5 September 2020

To help the island of Mauritius

The Coronavirus nightmare is not over yet (the island is still closed to tourists and it is suffering the pain of its effects), and on 6 August this year another tragedy occurred.
18 August 2020

Dunnon Project

I have never been involved in charity, but participation in a project to help the residents of townships in South Africa was a very educational experience ...
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