I would like to share with you what intrigued me the most while living and traveling around Africa. Things that are obvious here, but sometimes surprises me, as a Polish woman. Why is it worth buying warm clothing like a wonzie, during the African winter and why South African Rooibos tea is such a great ingredient in cosmetics? You can read these and other interesting facts here. ????

27 May 2021

3 x Adrenaline in South Africa

I can surely say, that during my stay in South Africa I overcame a fear of jumping from a height, hitting rocks or, freezing in the cold water of the canyon. I discovered that when you hesitate, you have to close your eyes, say in your mind “I can do it” and just have fun.
25 March 2021

Pigcasso – a piggy painter

"Life is a blank canvas and you have to throw all the paint you can on it." Danny Kaye. Meet Pigcasso, an amazing pig who paints pictures in the trend of abstract expressionism!
12 October 2020

My Top Cosmetics From Africa

30-year-old skincare is no longer a joke. The first wrinkles, strange dark circles under the eyes, discoloration from the sun, etc. My cosmetic supplies from Poland ran out quickly. So I set out to look for my new favorite specifics...
23 September 2020

Adopt a penguin

The penguins at the SANCCOB rehabilitation centre are either permanent or temporary residents, the adoption process is simple and easy to adopt one of these incredible birds or an egg...
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