I like to eat (especially chocolate ????) and discover new flavours. I believe that a country’s cuisine has its DNA written on it. My adventure with cooking is just beginning, so the recipes of African dishes that I have prepared for you will be simple. I will also try to introduce you to the restaurants, pubs and wine farms that I have visited.

8 November 2020

Classic Amarula Milk Tart

I think I've got a taste for one of South Africans favourite desserts. Thanks to Linda.???? This time it's a Milktart made with Amarula. Check the receipe..
4 October 2020

Mozambiqan Cashewnut Cake

A popular traditional dessert served in Mozambique for special occasions, was named after a suburb of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. This cake is not only easy to make, but also delicious.
3 October 2020

Malva pudding with Amarula Cream Liqueur

Traditional South African dessert with spongy interior, soaked in tasty Amarula Cream Liqueur, served warm. Easy to make and definitely worth its calories ...
3 August 2020

Bobotie – South African casserole

Probably the oldest dish in South Africa. The recipe appeared in the year 1609 in a Dutch cookbook which originates from Indonesia.
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